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Academics at Triple Divide Lodge

Our academic programming is designed to meet the individual needs of each client. We help your child get their education back on track. Our academic curriculum is offered via Apex Learning Virtual School, a rigorous online education platform accredited by Cognia (formerly AdvancED). Our coursework contains interactive learning elements to enable clients to excel in the classroom with continued support.

Meeting clients where they are at the moment helps them gain confidence and be better prepared for a return to more traditional classrooms following treatment. For clients that will be returning to their home schools or other academic settings, credits will be transferable. Teachers work with your teen to gain the credits they need to pursue graduation. Clients can also opt to work with their local school district if the local district allows for remote learning and is able to support the student during Mountain Time (MT) hours.

Importance of Academics

Making sure clients don’t fall behind in their education while in treatment is of utmost importance to us. While treatment is their first priority, we want your child to also have the academic support and opportunities needed to prepare them for their future education goals. We provide a rigorous curriculum that meets high expectations for academic excellence. Education needs shouldn’t have to suffer completely because of treatment. Our small class sizes provide clients with the one-on-one support they need to excel in the classroom. Multiple learning styles are supported through the use of varying methods of instruction. We will do our best to help stay on while in treatment.

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Our academic program provides:

  • Small setting and individualized curriculum for learning at the client’s own pace
  • Teachers well-versed in various instruction methods to meet the needs of learning differences
  • Year-round classes to join or leave as needed
  • Low student to teacher ratio for one-on-one learning
  • Credit recovery options
  • SAT/ACT prep courses

Confidence in the Classroom Aids Therapeutic Progress

Poor school performance and/or trauma related to their academics have an impact on their perceptions of themselves. Inversely, success in academics can have a profound impact on the therapeutic process. Once young men become successful in an area that they haven’t been before, their overall wellbeing and outlook improve. Academic success and progress in therapy are often interdependent.

Helping clients gain confidence in their academic performance heavily contributes to their overall success. Academic performance has a huge impact on how clients perceive themselves and influences the clinical components of our program. We understand that building foundational success in academics can set the stage for our clients to better explore the issues that brought them to treatment. 

Your child can overcome their challenges with substance abuse and still pursue their academic goals. Even if your child has fallen behind in school due to their challenges, they can still get back on track. We’ll work with your family to make sure your child leaves our program healthy and ready for the next step in their lives. 


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