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Our Substance Abuse Program For Teens

At Triple Divide Lodge, we help young men overcome their challenges with substance abuse through our combination of residential and wilderness programming. We use individual, group, and family therapy to lay the foundation for change, culminating in a multi-day group expedition. Our outdoor adventure programming helps prepare adolescents in recovery through experiential learning and skills development.

At TDL, we accept 18 and 19-year-old high school students. Developmentally an individual that has not completed high school is different than one that has. Putting 18 and 19-year-old students in a young adult program is counterintuitive. That’s why we accept these young men.

Our dual-diagnosis program benefits those dealing with substance use or addiction along with one of the following: 

  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Trauma
  • Attachment Issues
  • Behavioral Issues

Help Get Your Son On A Path Towards Healing

Residential and Wilderness Settings Combined to Help Boys Heal

We bring together the strengths of both residential and wilderness settings into one program. Shifting milieus in a controlled environment provides the support clients need to work through regressions. Recovery is often made all the more challenging by distractions and changes between rehabilitation facilities and the outside world. By combining these settings into the same treatment plan, clients get the opportunity to work through the emotions and behaviors inspired by shifting milieus in a supportive place. Your son will work on his issues in an environment that is conducive to sustainable growth.

The benefits of combining residential and wilderness treatment include:

  • Change of Settings Supports Long-Term Growth
  • Help Clients Understand the Chronic Nature of Their Condition
  • Discover Triggers and Integrate Healthy Coping Skills

Gain the Skills Needed to Overcome Addiction

Upon completion of treatment, our clients will understand the chronic nature of their situation sufficient to follow through with continuing care with a high degree of willingness. We help clients understand their addiction so that they can continue their sobriety outside of treatment. Through the wilderness portion of our program, clients learn to work together and support each other on their respective journeys. Your son will learn how to overcome obstacles and work through challenges as they arise.

Clients will leave the program ready to take on the next chapter of their lives with the skills need to maintain their sobriety. Through family therapy, parents and siblings will also be prepared to welcome back their family member with a better understanding of their role as supporters. 

Using a trauma-informed approach, we will help your child learn new healthy coping skills. Rather than relying on old habits, clients can utilize the skills learned in individual sessions, adventure outings, and 12 Step programming to better manage their emotions and behaviors. We help young men become the best version of themselves.

Family Involvement in Treatment

For decades addiction has been considered a family disease. Nowhere is that more true than working with adolescents. The symptoms manifested from addiction wreak havoc and chaos upon the family system and have a profound effect on all who are close. That’s why we believe it is vital to assist the family in recovering from the effects as much as the person of concern (POC). We also know that when the family gets better the chances of the POC getting better to improve exponentially. 

More and more people are recognizing that the same thing holds true for people suffering from other mental health conditions either with or without SUD. There are many at-risk youth programs that put their entire focus on the individual. We believe in the importance of developing healthy relationships and their positive impact on individual health. From modeling behaviors to addressing specific conflicts, involving the family in treatment can improve everyone’s empathy and relationship with each other overall.


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