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Patrick Hawkins - Triple Divide Lodge RTCOn behalf of the staff here at Triple Divide Lodge, I thank you for your message and look forward to getting in touch with you soon. TDL has helped many clients in the past and we are happy to help see if this program is appropriate for yours and your family’s needs.

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After we get a chance to review your message, we will reach out in the next 24-48 hours to gather any missing information from a phone or video call. A team member will be able to offer a more detailed view of our program and how TDL can be of benefit to you and your family. We offer both in-person and virtual tours of our expansive campus to get a better visual as well as calls with both admissions and clinical staff to ensure proper fit and adjustments are considered before arrival.

Check out several of our links and videos below for a more comprehensive view of our program, methods, ideologies, and campus.

If you are in crisis and need to speak to someone quicker, feel free to call us directly at (406) 296-5776 and someone can give you further help or instruction. Once again, I am looking forward to helping you and your family begin your own healing journey.

Pat Hawkins, Founder and Executive Director

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Body, Mind, and Spirit

Our namesake, the triple divide, is the point at which we view 3 elements coming together at an elevated point. We know that treating the body, mind, and spirit of an individual ensures the self-discovery needed to overcome challenges related to substance use. When these elements are aligned, the overall needs and well-being of the individual are met.

Body: We treat the body through exercising and nourishing ourselves with healthy, fresh foods.

Mind: Through educating ourselves and building our confidence, we feel at peace in the mind.

Spirit:12-Step programming and individualized therapy help us heal our spirit and recognize our value.

All aspects of the body, mind, and spirit overlap. Mindfulness practices like yoga and prayer help strengthen both our mind and body. Eating well helps us think clearer and paves the way for a healthy, nourished body. Treating all of these elements together makes it possible for clients to overcome their addiction and any additional mental health challenges they face.

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