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Elevating Body, Mind, and Spirit

We help adolescent males with substance abuse challenges lead happier, healthier lives

Nature Helps Heal
Elevating Body, Mind, and Spirit

Our wilderness expeditions help teens understand themselves and their challenges in a setting that helps them heal

Overcoming Challenges

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Triple Divide Lodge

Triple Divide Lodge is a 90-day combination residential and wilderness therapy treatment program for adolescent males 14-19. We help young men struggling with substance use disorders and other related co-occurring issues. Our transitional clinical model helps clients overcome their substance use issues by getting outside of their comfort zones and experiencing the growth the wilderness inspires.

Treatment Focused

Our primary goal is to help your child with their substance use disorder identify their challenges, find healthy coping skills, and learn how to lead a happier, healthier life.


Overcoming addiction as an adolescent requires that families work together to create a positive, healthy environment for their child by working through their own challenges in family therapy.


Moving between different settings in treatment prepares clients to identify their triggers and gain coping mechanisms to successfully work through the ongoing transitions that the future holds for them.

What is a Triple Divide?

By definition, a triple divide is a point on the Earth's surface where three drainage basins meet. We view the triple divide as the point at which body, mind, and spirit come together to elevate the individual. When these 3 areas are in harmony, physical and emotional health along with analytical thought is balanced. We treat the whole person through various clinical modalities including traditional and experiential therapies. Together, we help clients gain skills that will help them become mentally and spiritually whole.

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About Our Founder

Patrick Hawkins is a Licensed Addictions Counselor who has been practicing since 1995. He has always worked with adolescents and young adults. He first felt called to this work when he was in high school addressing some of these same issues himself. He began working in this type of model in 1996 and has become a nationally trusted name utilizing this model. He has led over 50 expeditions with hundreds of young men while accumulating over 1,100 days in the backcountry treating clients. Patrick’s dedication to helping teens with substance use disorders started during his time as the Clinical Director of Wilderness Treatment Center, a wilderness therapy program for young men with drug and alcohol addictions. An expert in experiential therapy, Patrick has led hundreds of clients on wilderness expeditions and supported their sobriety.

Our Clinical Model

We provide a supportive therapeutic environment to help young men overcome their challenges with addiction. Clients work on the underlying causes of their substance use and other co-occurring disorders with guidance from highly trained staff.

Clients will participate in:

Individual Therapy

Group Therapy

Family Therapy

12 Steps

Trauma Focused Approach


Backpacking expeditions

Adventure Therapy


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