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Dual Diagnosis

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Plans at Triple Divide Lodge

Our clients struggle with a combination of substance abuse and other mental health challenges. The technical term for this is dual diagnosis or co-occurring disorders. Adhering to the substance abuse treatment model can be especially difficult for those dealing with depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges. Our clinicians work to help young men address the full gamut of their challenges and overcome them to lead healthier, more fulfilled lives.

Mental health issues can interfere with an individual’s ability to attain and maintain abstinence, while at the same time substance use can exacerbate mental health challenges. These struggles are interdependent and have to be addressed together to help clients have long-term success. Your child will be supported by their treatment team in taking the steps to ensure their sobriety and find healthy coping skills for their mental health issues. We address the full person and their challenges to create a treatment plan that works.

To help fully explore and address co-occurring disorders, clients will work through each of their challenges according to individual methods determined by their therapists that might include EMDR, trauma-focused DBT or CBT, and other evidence-based therapeutic modalities. Additionally, clients will participate in group therapy sessions dedicated to various skills building and adventure activities designed as part of their treatment plan. We want our clients to have ample opportunities to understand the nature of their disease in various settings in order to prepare them for all the transitions they will face in everyday life. Clients learn how to cope with stress without turning to substances and work through their emotional and behavioral struggles with the invaluable support of their therapist and peers.

Campus Setting Helps Clients Overcome Challenges of Co-Occurring Disorders

Our beautiful 300+ acre campus where we combine the best parts of residential and wilderness programming provides a natural setting for clients to address and overcome the substance use and mental health issues they face. Our warm, inviting campus is a serene, quiet place for reflection and healing. Boys have space to explore the Montana landscape and connect with themselves in a setting away from the distractions of everyday life. 

For the young men we help, being active and trying new things they didn’t think they were capable of doing has a profound impact on mental health. Participation in adventure activities illuminates things that could be overlooked in a conventional group or individual session alone. Our clinicians participate in these activities alongside the clients, gaining insight into their therapeutic progress that can be taken back to the more traditional settings and explored as part of their treatment plan.


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