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Healing the Family Unit: The Importance of Family Involvement in Adolescent Treatment

Addiction and mental health conditions have long been recognized as conditions that affect the individual and their entire family. At Triple Divide Lodge (TDL), we understand the profound impact these conditions can have on the family system. We prioritize assisting families in their recovery journey alongside the client. We firmly believe that the chances of the client’s recovery significantly improve when the family unit participates. In this blog post, we will explore the vital role of family involvement in adolescent treatment and how it fosters healing and growth for individuals and the entire family.

Understanding the Family System:

A family is a system made up of individuals. By addressing the impact of the conditions our clients come to treatment facing, [one on one] and with the whole family, we can initiate change for the whole system. We empower families to be an agent of change for themselves and the client,” says Patrick Hawkins, founder, and executive director of TDL. Recognizing the interconnectedness of family members and their influence on one another is crucial in creating lasting positive change.

Many parents have unresolved family-of-origin issues that have come to the forefront as their son’s condition worsens. These unrecognized and unresolved issues are a barrier for them to be able to move forward in their healing and recovery. For these individuals, addressing these are imperative to recovery.

Comprehensive Support for Families:

At TDL, we are dedicated to providing families with comprehensive support throughout the treatment process. From regular phone calls to participating in therapy sessions, we offer a range of resources to ensure families have the tools they need to navigate the recovery journey. Addressing substance abuse disorders and co-occurring diagnoses lays the foundation for success and enables these young men to reintegrate into their families and communities.

The Role of the Family Program:

TDL’s four-day family program is integral to the treatment process for families and the young men in our care. By helping these young men recognize the impact of their behaviors on the family system, we instill a greater motivation for their recovery. Simultaneously, family members gain insight into their personal growth and healing needs. Involving the family in treatment enhances empathy and connection among family members. Substance use disorders often affect multiple individuals within a family, making our family work essential for overall healing and growth.

The Power of Healthy Relationships:

While many at-risk youth programs focus solely on the individual, TDL understands the importance of developing healthy relationships and their positive impact on individual well-being. From modeling positive behaviors to addressing specific conflicts, our program helps families recognize and address destructive patterns that may have become normalized. By identifying actions and beliefs that negatively impact the family and individuals, we initiate recovery and lay the groundwork for lasting change.

At Triple Divide Lodge, we recognize that addiction and mental health conditions impact individuals and families. Through our commitment to family involvement and support, we empower families to embark on their journey of healing and growth. Our family program becomes integral to our comprehensive treatment approach by fostering empathy, connection, and individual self-discovery. Together, we can heal the family unit and set the foundation for a brighter future for all involved.

Patrick Hawkins is a Licensed Addictions Counselor. Since 1995 he has been dedicated to working with adolescents and young adults. He began working in this type of model in 1996 and has become a nationally trusted name utilizing the outdoors as a part of substance abuse treatment. He has led over 50 expeditions, accumulated over 1,100 days in the backcountry treating clients, and helped hundreds of young men and their families work toward recovery. Patrick helped teens with substance use disorders during his time as the Clinical Director of a wilderness therapy program for young men with drug and alcohol addictions. An expert in the field of experiential therapy, Patrick has led hundreds of clients on wilderness expeditions and supported their sobriety. Contact him at (406) 296-5776


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