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At Triple Divide Lodge, healing begins from within. Our lodge is not just another treatment center; it is a haven that embraces the significance of nurturing the mind, body, and spirit to achieve fulfilling, lasting recovery. With a passionate commitment to helping young men and their families heal from the pains of substance abuse and addictions, Triple Divide Lodge has become a beacon of hope

Addiction and mental health conditions have long been recognized as conditions that affect the individual and their entire family. At Triple Divide Lodge (TDL), we understand the profound impact these conditions can have on the family system. We prioritize assisting families in their recovery journey alongside the client. We firmly believe that the chances of the client’s recovery significantly improve when the family unit participates.

As parents and guardians, ensuring the well-being of our children is a top priority. Unfortunately, the challenges and complexities of the modern world have brought forth a new concern: substance use disorders among adolescents. If you face this distressing situation, it is crucial to explore suitable treatment options. One such solution is a substance use disorders-specific program, which can provide tailored support and resources for

Weekly Family Phone Calls Triple Divide Lodge believes that keeping families connected is very important. That’s why our clients are encouraged to call home, even in their first week. We don’t practice an initial “blackout” period with them.  Typically our residents call home the first week upon arrival to the program, and then can call on a weekly basis. We have always offered weekly phone or video

According to the National Alliance on Mental Illness, one in five American adults lives with a mental health condition. September is National Recovery Month, and this year’s theme is “Recovery is for Everyone: Every Person, Every Family, Every Community.” The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), which sponsors Recovery Month, is using the slogan to encourage people to speak up about their mental

Mental health issues are becoming increasingly prevalent in our society. Whether it is due to the increased stressors of modern life or better diagnostic tools used by trained professionals, it is obviously something that needs to be addressed more overall. There are many different types of therapy, exercises, and medications that can help improve or address mental health concerns. One of the more exciting ones

The human brain is still maturing significantly during adolescence and young adulthood. Given that the brain is still developing, it may help to explain why adolescents struggle with healthy decision-making and why this poses concerns for their health and safety.  Emerging Patterns Prior to entering the adolescent stage of development, the brain adds a considerable amount of connections between brain cells. Around the ages of 11-12, the

The 12 Steps are based on spiritual principles and are intended to aid individuals in recovery from substance use addictions, behavioral addictions, or other compulsive behaviors. The 12 steps have been in existence since 1937. A simple internet search will reveal over 100 ways the steps are utilized. Yet there are claims there is no evidence of their efficacy. Why the dispute? While it is true


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