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We want to help you get the healing you deserve, whether it’s here or elsewhere.

We recognize that making the decision to seek assistance for your child can be a complicated and daunting task. As a caregiver or family member of a struggling adolescent, it’s important to select a program that meets your family’s specific needs. At Triple Divide Lodge, we place a great emphasis on working together as a team to achieve success. Therefore, we encourage families to be fully committed to the treatment process and continued support in order to promote recovery and self-reliance. This establishes a sturdy framework for the young man’s sustained success. The admissions process is outlined below as a reference.

Navigating Insurance

Bridgeway Billing
Insurance funding may be available depending on your family’s policy/provider and your child’s medical necessity. As a licensed private-pay facility we work Bridgeway Billing, a third-party advocate, to help families navigate available insurance.

Bridgeway Billing helps families interface with their insurance company by:

  • Checking benefits
  • Seeking authorization
  • Billing applicable treatment costs

Our admissions team can help talk you through how Bridgeway may be able to help your family.



To begin the process, we encourage families to reach out to our Admissions Team and discuss their situation with us. We will collaborate with you to evaluate if our program is a suitable fit for your needs. We will then provide you with an online application.

Once you speak with a member of the Triple Divide Lodge admissions team and the application is submitted, we will do a comprehensive review with our specialists to ensure that the client is appropriate for admission. When confirmed the client is approved for admission, logistics and final paperwork will commence, and the enrollment date will be confirmed. We will send intake forms electronically and request all necessary information. All enrollment documents must be completed and returned before client enrollment.

We are excited to meet you and share how we can support your family and your teen in the next stage of their journey. We are happy to discuss every step with you in detail and address any questions or concerns you may have.

Help Get Your Son On A Path Towards Healing


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