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Our Residential Treatment Program

Our beautiful 5-acre campus sits on 337 acres of property filled with incredible Montana landscapes and is an ideal place for treatment. Clients reside in log cabins with forced-air furnaces for heating. Each cabin can house up to 6 clients. Bathrooms include dual vanities and showers to be shared by up to 4 clients. During expedition weeks, boys will sleep in tents. Depending on the time of year, either 4 season tents or 3 season tents will be used. 

Disconnecting Helps the Healing Process During Wilderness Therapy

The remoteness of our campus provides a valuable opportunity for your son to disconnect from the everyday distractions that are contributing to his addiction. Clients will have no technology access to distract from their issues. We want our clients to have a safe space to explore and understand their challenges away from social media, negative influences, and other activities that will hinder their progress. Our campus provides ample space to explore the healing power of nature.

Healthy Bodies to Help Young Men Grow

We understand that keeping adolescents on a healthy diet is an important part of helping them improve their overall well-being. Your child will enjoy our rotating chef-based menu of fresh food. On expeditions, students will work together to prepare each meal, building their peer relationships and learning personal responsibility.

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Fuel For The Body – Food For The Soul

Treatment is not just about getting clean. Establishing a healthy lifestyle also means learning about what kind of fuel your body needs. We take pride in the different dishes that we incorporate into the program and make sure that they are not just full of nutrients, but also delicious. 


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